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“I am not the same, having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world”

Mary Anne Radmacher

Barefeet on Sand


As with other professional luxury travel advisors, I charge planning and booking fees for my time to curate your bespoke trip. You have hired me as a professional travel consultant utilizing my industry knowledge and connections to curate a bespoke dream trip for you. These fees cover discussions of your trip dreams and expectations, my time spent researching, developing, and revising a proposal to create a customized itinerary, as well as booking and managing all trip components, and providing you 24/7 support during your trip. On average, I spend 20+ hours per trip, and this time increases as the complexity or length increases.

  • Hotel Bookings Only

    • No fee if you know the property you want to stay at and your dates of travel. If your hotel is within Virtuoso network or a preferred partnership, I can still pass along VIP amenities such as: welcome note, no walk service, resort credits, and complimentary Wi-Fi, upgrades, or breakfast)

    • $100 per trip if research involved in finding you the perfect property. This covers up to 2 hotels in one location. Additional $50 per property thereafter.

    • $50 late booking fee for all hotels requested within 7 days prior to departure. This is in addition to the above fees.


  • Concierge Services Only

    • $150 concierge fee per week of travel added to any of the below for all additional details such as dining reservations, spa appointments, tee times, theater tickets, etc.

    • This fee is completely optional – if clients prefer to explore/make their own reservations for off-site restaurants, theater tickets, and other optional components.


  • Custom Travel Planning*

Below is an outline of my starting fees for most trips, though they may be customized based on trip complexity, duration, and number of travelers.

  • $150 for a trip that is 1-3 nights

  • $300 for a trip that is 4-6 nights

  • $450 for a trip that is 7-9 nights

  • $600 for a trip that is 10-13 nights

  • $800 for a trip that is 14-17 nights

  • $900 for a trip that is 18-20 nights

  • $1,100 for a trip that is 21+ nights

Please note:

  • Fees are based on 1-5 travelers in the same household. Additional $50/person.

  • Proposal is for one overall trip proposal and includes 2 revisions. Each additional revision is $50 thereafter.

  • Additional proposals for different destinations will be charged an additional planning fee of $150 per proposal.

  • Villa bookings will be charged an additional fee of $300 to cover the additional time and resources required to navigate the challenges of vetting a luxury villa.

*My Trip Planning Fees covers the logistics of the trip, and includes land and air arrangements including hotels, airplanes, trains, transfers, and scheduled activities. For no additional fee, I am also happy to assist with simple on-site restaurant reservations at a resort or hotel where you are staying. My concierge services are an additional fee beginning at $150 per week of travel and includes: local restaurant reservations, extensive scheduling, suggestions of self-guided activities during your leisure time, theater tickets, and other concierge services such as setting up a special event.

**My fees are non-refundable. I understand that your plans can change, however my fees are non-refundable due to the work that is put upfront to research, secure trip details, reservations, and VIP notices prior to your travels, fees will not be refunded. **

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